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The industrial sector, with multiple and different applications, implies challenging environments and requirements: devices for railway, applied electronics for renewable energies, healthcare, control, transmission and security of electricity lines, etc.

The products we offer for these applications, such as flat screens in different formats and technologies, semiconductors, customized keyboards and a wide range of high-quality passive components, both for control and power electronics. This wide list allows us to meet customer´s needs in the new developments.

We provide as well, the possibility of designing and manufacturing custom sub-assemblies taking advantage of the synergies from our main representatives.


Our comprehensive range of displays adjusts completely in every need of the industrial market. From standard LCD´s to high reliability TFT´s screens including custom LCD panels for heavy duty environments.


We have available several R&D centers, they can carry out the design of customized subsystems suitable for the industrial market. The subassemblies can include all kinds of electronic components: displays, control electronic PCB´s, keyboards, remote control, etc.


The railway industry demands safety and high performance components to assure no-failures and improve security. At present we have many of our models on board and ground in the main Spanish and European power and signaling railway projects.


For the electromedical industry we are a solution provider of keyboards, graphic displays and flat TFT monitors with high resolution and outstanding contrast for medical imaging. Besides, we offer our high voltage and power components, both active and passive which are used in X-RAYS devices, scanners, defibrillators, etc.


The renewable energy is one of the emerging industries in our industrial market. We supply a wide range of active and passive power components in diverse technologies specifically designed for this market.

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