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Vector España, s.a.u.



Vector España, s.a.u

Imports and distributes electronic components with the clear aim of a continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, always assuring to comply with all legal or regulatory requirements demanded by ours customers.

Participatory quality management.


Constant communication with customers and suppliers

Quality commitment

Measurement and monitoring systems

To achieve this aim, VECTOR ESPAÑA, S.A.U and its Management is committed to lead and implement a Quality Management System based in the following directives:

To maintain all needed communication channels with the customers and other interested parties to identify their actual and future needs with the purpose of meeting all the requirements and expectations to get the complete satisfaction.

The awareness and training of all employees and people involved in our process, to improve it and promote the collaboration in the Quality Management System.

The compliance with the legislation in the development of its activities, as well as other requirements subscribed with our customers and the rest of concerned parties.

The ongoing improvement in the efficiency of the Quality Management Systems, monitoring and measuring our processes, systems and quality objectives.

Selection of suppliers based on quality criteria.

To inform the interested parties, and identify expectations and needs.

To sum up, VECTOR ESPAÑA, S.A.U commits with the objective of total satisfaction of our customers and all concerned parties.

The quality of the service, as a consequence of the activity of the company VECTOR ESPAÑA, S.A.U, is responsibility of everybody, for that reason every employee engages to meet and develop the Quality Management System, in the interest of an implementation of more added value systems for everybody.


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